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Video Production & Narration

Video Production

We produce video programming for university clients according to established University Relations departmental goals and priorities. Clients wanting to have a video produced need to contact the director, Randall Stith (rstith@vt.edu), to determine if their request fits into the schedule and established priorities of the department.

  • Clients should be prepared to discuss the objective and scope of the program, along with the intended audience and plans for distribution. If the project fits the unit's priorities and schedule, a producer will be assigned to the project, who will remain the main contact with the client throughout production.
  • It is also useful to have one person from the client's office assigned as a main contact for the project.
  • The cost of all materials and travel must be paid for by the client.
  • Video production is a long process, and several videos are worked on at one time, so a long lead time is necessary for completion of a project.
  • The producer will help the client arrange for the duplication of a final program.


  • We provide professional narration services for audio or video productions. Clients may call Gabrielle Minnich (540-231-8703, e-mail: gminnich@vt.edu) or Paul Lancaster (540-231-6997, e-mail: dinosaur@vt.edu) and request the services of a narrator.

Please Note: Although we produce completed programs with public relations value to the university, we do not provide:

  • audio or video for Power Point presentations:
  • audio recording and duplication;
  • video duplication
  • audio/videotape repair or restoration;
  • access to video or audio equipment;
  • VHS videotaping or editing;
  • multi-camera, studio, or live broadcast videotaping;
  • videotaping of meetings, classes, or lectures;
  • videotaping for student organizations;
  • videotaping of campus events with no specific news value or pre-determined University Relations program use (check services of Video Broadcast Services).