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Please Note: We provide the services of a photographer for location, studio, and tabletop photography to university clients according to established University Relations departmental goals and priorities.
  • Clients needing university photography should contact Micheal Kiernan (540-231-6992) in the Media Building.
  • Reasonable notice should be given for an assignment, and photographers will be assigned to clients as available.
  • When a photographer is unavailable, clients may check out a 35mm or digital camera.
  • Clients are charged for the cost of materials and travel, and before an assignment takes place should provide an ISR after getting an estimate.
  • Upon completion of a project, the photographer will edit the pictures and present the client with the best images to choose from.
  • Although the client has first rights to the images, all original images remain the property of VBC and may become a part of the university's photo library.
  • Upon request and for a fee, prints can be ordered of pictures shot by unit photographers. Contact Rick Griffiths (540-231-6993).
  • Photography does not provide photographic copy work, processing or lab work, passport photos, or scans of photos not shot by our photographers.

Stock University Photographs:

University Photo Files Database
  • Over 28,000 stock university images are available for online browsing.
  • Our photo librarian (Jane Talbot, (540) 231-7317, M-F 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.) meets with clients by appointment.
  • University photography is available for public relations purposes only and may not be used by outside clients for commercial purposes.
  • Quick web photos: Virginia Tech snapshots.

Order University Prints For Framing

  • University photographs, enlarged and suitable for framing, are available to Virginia Tech departments for hanging in offices, lobbies and conference rooms.

News/Events Photos