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Virginia Tech's Photo Library Database Search Instructions Page.

  • Welcome to the Virginia Tech Photo Library Database Search Instructions Page. Below you will find instruction on using the Photo Library Database.
  • The database was created using File Maker Pro. File Maker Pro's search features can seem complicated to the first time user so please take a moment to read through the following instructions carfully.
  • The database is optimized for use with the following Internet Browsers: Safari 1.1 or later, Netscape 5.2 or later, and Internet Explorer 5.1 or later.
  • If you already know how to use the database or have read and understand the instructions on this page, then click on the search button below to proceed to the Photo Library Database.

Important Notes:

When you find the image that best suits your needs, make a note of the "File" number or the "Trans" number that is listed for it. This is the number that you will need to give Photography in order for them to locate the image that you want.

Once you have located the images that you need, you can e-mail Jane Talbot (mjtalbot@vt.edu) or call her at 540-231-7317. Let her know which File or Trans numbers you need, and leave your contact information. Be sure to include information on the image size/dpi that you prefer. Knowing which type of file you prefer is also helpful. If you do not provide the file type, a jpeg image will be sent to you. If additional information is needed, someone from Photography will contact you. If no additional information is needed, you will be contacted when your files are ready.

If you have technical issues, please contact Rick Griffiths at 540-231-6993 or at griffr@vt.edu.

Search Tips:

In order for searches to find matches, you must enter text exactly as it is listed in the database files. Sometimes this may involve some creative guessing on your part. For example, McBeth may appear as Mc Beth, and a search for one will not yield the other as a result. Keep this in mind if you are having trouble locating what you are looking for.

A Few Conventions:

  • "commencement" and "graduation" will retrieve hits for any graduation-related photography
  • "Corps" and "Cadets" appear together frequently
  • "Diversity" will select photography related to diversity
  • "Drill field" always appears as two separate words
  • For proper names, try a last name search as well as a full name search. If all else fails, try some creative spellings... and let us know if you find mistakes!