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  • Distributed October 24, 2008
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October 24, 2008

Stations, it’s Fall Fire Season in Virginia, and State Master Gardener Coordinator Dave Close has recommendations for homeowners to help protect their homes and landscapes and reduce the risk of fire and fire damage.

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Cut 1:

Close describes this year’s Fire Season as a dicey one due to our relatively dry summer.

IN: Since we have had
RUNS: 12
OUT: wild land/urban interface

Cut 2:

Close lists a couple of simple measures homeowners can take that can help protect their property.

IN: Something as simple
RUNS: 14
OUT: on your property

Cut 3:

Close encourages folks to “Learn to Be a Hero for Your Home” by doing a few simple things that can really pay off during both the spring and the fall fire seasons.

IN: Learn to be
RUNS: 21
OUT: fire seasons

Cut 4:

Close says that while we don’t usually have the dramatic fires here like they have on the west coast (due to several factors) we do certainly have our share of fires that result in property loss.

IN: The east coast
RUNS: 20
OUT: to those fires each year

Cut 5:

Close discusses the importance of pruning and removing dead material in home landscapes in preventing the spread of fire.

IN: Keeping your trees and shrubs
RUNS: 28
OUT: sort of thing

Cut 6:

Close shares the alarming fact that over 90 percent of fires are due to what are called “human caused events”, and are therefore preventable.

IN: Over 90 percent of fires
RUNS: 29
OUT: a lot of heartache

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