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  • Distributed September 21, 2006
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September 21, 2006

Stations, September 18 through September 22 is Farm Safety Week.  Farming is the second most dangerous occupation after mining.

Bobby Grisso, professor of Biological Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech, explains Farm Safety Week and offers advice to farmers and to drivers who encounter farm vehicles and equipment on the road.

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Cut 1:

Grisso says that farming is the second most dangerous profession there is, behind mining.

IN: Agriculture is number two
RUNS: 12
OUT:  equipment out on the road

Cut 2:

Grisso explains why Farm Safety Week is always in the fall.

IN: Why do we
RUNS: 26
OUT:  harmed

Cut 3:

Grisso says that drivers need to be careful and notice farm vehicles and equipment out on the roads.

IN: Basically
RUNS: 25
OUT: on the road

Cut 4:

Grisso gives safety advice to farmers who will be moving equipment on the roads and highways this fall.

IN: The theme
RUNS: 31
OUT: of this year